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Banksia plagiocarpa

Common name

(none recorded)

Scientific name

Banksia plagiocarpa




Rosopsida (higher dicots)


Proteaceae (Proteaceae)

NCA status


EPBC status


Wetland indicator


Queensland endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland


Banksia plagiocarpa occurs in low closed shrubland. It grows in sandy loam or clay-loam soils on rocky granite slopes and outcrops. (George 1999)


Banksia plagiocarpa is a shrub growing to 5m tall. The bark is fissured, corky and grey-brown. New growth is red and velvety, becoming hairless after 2-3 years. The leaves are arranged alternately along the stems. Leaves are lance-shaped to narrowly obovate (reverse egg-shaped), with bluntly serrate to entire margins that curve under and measure 8-20cm long by 6-17mm wide. The upper leaf surface is covered in dense, rust coloured hairs, becoming hairless with age. The lower leaf surface is also densely hairy, becoming hairless on the veins.
The flowers are pale blue-grey to mauve in late bud, with the limb a pale pink-brown colour. All flowers become dull yellow when the flower opens and old flowers soon fall from the plant. About 60 upward-turned follicles (a dry fruit) occur. The follicles are narrowly elliptic in shape, 12-16mm long, 5-10mm high and 5-8mm wide. The seeds are inversely egg-shaped and 15-17mm long. (George 1999)


Banksia plagiocarpa flowers from February to July. (George 1999)


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Threatening Processes

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Human uses

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Contributors: Ailsa Holland, Mellisa Mayhew 27/01/2009

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