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Water resource planning areas – spatial metadata

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Layer: Water resource plan - areas - Queensland

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Water resource plan - areas - Queensland
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Metadata format: Esri ArcGIS v10+ Style: International Standards Organisation (ISO) 19139 "Geographic Information - Metadata - XML schema implementation" of ISO 19115 "Geographic Information - Metadata" .shp.xml file, file. The ArcGIS metadata format is editable in ArcGIS and has live hyperlinks.)

Mapping scale is generally 1:100,000 and enhanced in places with larger scale mapping (for example 1:25,000) and in places by ground truthing by visiting the location. If required, more information should be obtained from the department where an area of interest is near to or crossing a boundary.

Information asset theme "water management", subtheme "management area", "water resource plan". Attributes: SDI Spatial Data Index, departmental internal unique identifier for a Feature Object and Feature Class. TITLE Title (name). COMMENCE Commencement date “in force�. COMMENCESL Subordinate legislation number. INTERNET Department website for more information.
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Legislation: 2000 Act Number 34, "Water Act 2000", Part 3 "Water planning", Division 2 "Water resource plans", Subdivision 1 "Power to prepare water resource plans", section 38 "Minister may prepare water resource plans" and section 55 "When water resource plans may be amended or replaced" ( ).
Subordinate legislation: "Water Resource (title) Plan year" ( ).
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Dataset WM1127 contains all the water resource plan (WRP) areas in Queensland that are in force in legislation currently, except for the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) WRP area (dataset WM0702). (For more information see WM1127 replaced WM0924v2 due to the “Water Resource (Burnett Basin) Plan 2014� (Burnett 2014 WRP) coming into force (mapping accuracy improvements were applied for part of the Burnett WRP area). (Reference: CAS1881, 2026.)

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Creative Commons 3.0 Australia ( ). Attribution required: State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines) 2014.
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Last updated: 22 March 2013

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