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WetlandMaps provides an interactive map service that gives users fast and easy access to wetland information via a web-based geographic information system (GIS).

Quick facts

provided by WetlandMaps is sourced from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and external parties. Information sources are acknowledged through the metadata links located in the data legend in WetlandMaps.

WetlandMaps features

      • Dynamic legend to turn layers on and off
  • Links to metadata located in the data legend in WetlandMaps
  • Wetlands data with supporting environmental data
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystem data available for the eastern Murray-Darling Basin and Wide Bay-Burnett areas, except for the ‘subterranean area—caves’ layer which covers all of Queensland
  • Other contextual base data, e.g. administrative, transport networks etc.
  • Location searches, e.g. address, lot/plan, coordinate and general search
  • Basic GIS functionality such as:
    • feature selection
    • draw custom features
    • buffer custom features
    • produce standard, basic reports for data intersecting with selected features, drawn features and buffers
  • Customised PDF reports for a user-defined area such as:
    • wetland maps
    • area summaries
    • species lists
  • Locate and view wetland inventory survey data

Last updated: 22 March 2013

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